If you have submitted a contact request or game, please allow our team time to get back to you.
Our main office is based in the UK, open between 8:00am GMT to 6:00pm GMT.
We aim to respond to all requests within 2 working days.
We do not charge any up-front fees. Based on an assessment of your game and requirements, we will come to an agreement on a fair revenue share.
Each game is different and so establishing a fair revenue split is done on a case-by-case basis.
The best thing to do is speak with our team to discuss your objectives.
This is a difficult question to answer and no company can give you any guarantees on this. Each game is different, but we can assure you we will achieve maximum exposure of your game through our partners and network.
We work with sole developers or studios of any size. It all depends on what stage your game is at and what you are looking to achieve. Get in touch with us if you're not sure .


Our technology is able to integrate with; Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Phaser.js and even custom frameworks/engines. We have full API documentation for your developers to work with.
This really depends on what we want to achieve and which parts of our technology you want to integrate with.
As a rough guide however, our player reward and dynamic advertisement development kits will take less than a few hours.
We have comprehensive guides that walk your developers through the process step by step.
Speak with us directly and we can provide you with full documentation.

Token Sale

Check out our token sale page.

We get it. The number of new cryptocurrencies released grows day by day.

So what makes ours different?

First, many projects aren't even trying to achieve real world utilisation. They have been built specifically for speculation purposes, even though they communicate the opposite.

This is what seperates us. Our token is being engineered to flow through our entire technology infrustructure providing users with access to certain functionality, specific uses such as player rewards, advert placement tracking and for gamers to acquire new digital assets and merchandise.

Our vision has always been to have a universal gaming currency that communities use to have a fast, trustless way of engaging in transaction activities.

But we aren't just 'claiming' this is what we do or want to achieve. We have delivered on part of this already with our player reward technology and marketplace. With real integration to games, not simply through third party API's.

Our main activity now is to engineer our own blockchain to provide the exact specific functionality needed to achieve significant real world adoption.

We have a real passion for both the cryptocurrency and games industries. We are laying the foundations to provide a better economy for every party in the industry with ambitious growth plans.

We recommend reading our full evaluation series articles to get the full picture.

Our token supply will be fixed at 200,000,000.
At the moment our cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token. However our team are currently building our own blockchain and will be migrating all token holders across for a 1-to-1 swap to the native coin.
The total available supply outside of our team, advisors and bounty supporters will be 75%

We are not currently listed on any cryptocurrency exchanges, due to our final token sale having not been completed.

We have been approved by 3 exchanges with one being in the top ten.


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