Our Story

"Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart."

Roy T. Bennet

At Force Protocol, our mission has always been focused on providing unique technology solutions to the games industry. We've always believed that great gaming experiences are created when game studios focus purely on game development, and that gaming communities have increased expectations. We're proud to be a part of this incredible industry that grows year on year, with incredibly talented people.

As we've grown, our philosophy has matured, our service range has been more robust and our technology more focussed.

This is why we invite every indie game studio to submit their game to join our family and provide our communities with a richer gaming experience.

How we came to be

Company founder Pete Mardell had been an avid technology and gaming enthusiast, starting web development at age 16. In 2011 at age 23 he setup his first Bitcoin mining PC. After a few years of experience growth in software development, he came to realise cryptocurrencies had the potential to become a way for gamers to trade and compete with each other, while achieving real ownership of their in-game currency.

Eventually, in early 2017 he formed a small team to deliver on this vision, realising that it could benefit players, game studios and publishers in the same breath.

Starting out on this journey had been challenging, but the vision has always remained the same;

"To provide the games industry with technology based solutions that gives consumers high quality gaming experiences and rewards, whilst supporting growth of both game studios, publishers and their communities."

What has been achieved?

The Force Protocol now has a small, but growing family of several mobile and PC games, each with bespoke integration to the company's technology to meet the game studios objectives.

With the initial beta release of RaidParty, the player community platform giving players a way to complete challenges to win rewards, the team proved that player retention could be increased dramatically compared with industry standards.

Shortly afterwards the team released a new technology stack to achieve dynamic advertisement, delivering advertisement agencies instant campaign launching capability, while saving game studios many hours of development time and increased revenue potential.

What does the future hold?

The next phase of the journey is now to build on the game portfolio under the Force Protocol family, increase feature functionality across our existing technology and launch the FORCE blockchain to really serve the player community on a production, scalable way.

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